Okay, so Ben LOVES his video games and lately he has been bugging me to get him a new xbox console.  Of course my son wants the 360 with 250 GB and all the goodies that go with it!  That is just not possible for me to do right now, so I set out to find him a cheap xboxSomething that would satisfy him and not kill my bank account.  Since the Microsoft Free Xbox deal was never really do-able for us, I needed other options.

There are a few reasons that Ben wanted an Xbox.  Certain titles are only available on Xbox and we did not own an Xbox.  We owned  a Wii and a Nintendo 64.  As far as electronics go, I make sure that we take care of them and I do not replace them unless they are dead and fixing them costs more than replacing them with a newer model.  So, both the Wii and Nintendo 64 still work and we have a ton of games for them and there really was no justification in buying another video game system.  However, a new system would offer new possibilities for gaming.

The Xbox 360 WOW’ed me when I was in the local Best Buy checking them out.  I have to admit it is quite impressive!  Especially on the huge screens!  Still the $300 price tag was just too much. And that only included one game!  More games were $20 and up per game!

I scoured Ebay to see what the original Xbox consoles were going for.  Now that everyone else has bought an Xbox 360 and Kinect, the original Xbox consoles were going for much less!  I was able to get a cheap xbox console (new to us!) along with all the cords needed, two controllers and 18 games for $84 which INCLUDED shipping!  Now that is a deal!

My reasoning for this is :

  • my son is happy because he now has a new Xbox console and a bunch of games to go with it
  • when the prices go wayyyyyyy down on the Xbox 360, the games we have for the older Xbox will still work on the 360
  • there are now a bunch of games that Ben has never tried that he can try now
  • the games for this system can be easily found for under $5 each

In my book this was a win-win!  Sometimes it just pays to wait!

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I recently purchased a Lands End Kids backpack for Ben and thought I would just create a post for my Lands End Reviews.

I have four children.  My oldest is 23 years old.  This means that I have purchased a LOT of backpacks! For the most part, those purchases have just been buying a backpack for under $20, making sure that the child I was buying it for loved it and would actually use it for the school year.  This also meant buying a new backpack every year since these cheaper backpacks just didn’t last longer than one school year.

This year, Ben got a new backpack as usual.  He opted for a Star Wars one and he was thrilled with his choice.  Within the first three days (literally, three days), the zipper came off the track twice and the backpack started to fray in various places.  Good grief!

Then I remembered hearing from a friend that they got a Lands End backpack   and  it comes with a warranty!  Great!  I quickly went over to their site and realized that these backpacks were out of my price range (almost $50). Yikes!  But still, I loved the designs that they had to choose from and was also really swayed by the warranty they offered.  Being a big fan of “want lists”  and waiting to see if prices drop on expensive items, I signed up for their email list and just waited.

After two or three days I got an email from Lands End about a sale that they were having which included free shipping.  I went over to their site and sure enough, the backpack I wanted for Ben was now $25 and qualified for free shipping!

The Lands End Kids backpack arrived a few days later and I have been nothing short of thrilled with this purchase!  Great quality! Great sale price! Fast shipping!  It has a ton of neat features and is holding up great! Best of all, Ben loves it too!  This was my first purchase from Lands End but I am certain that it will not be my last!

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