I have always clothed my four children by shopping at thrift stores. This includes shopping at Goodwill Stores.  Recently though, I have noticed some really odd things going on at the Goodwill and I am not sure WHAT they are thinking!

A few months ago I was in the Goodwill Store with Shelby, getting the black pants and white dress shirt she needed for her Band concert.  We picked out the pieces we needed and then she wanted to look around some more.  While she looked at stuff for her, I went to see if I could find some tee shirts for Ben.

I was going thru the clothing in the boys department and there was another lady next to me also looking at boys clothes.  Then I saw the sign that said that all childrens clothing was $3.49 per piece.  Ummmmm…… $3.49 for a USED kids tee shirt?!?!?!?!?  I asked the lady next to me “Are kids tees $3.49?”  She looked at the sign and said “No way, adult tees are $1.49.  I think the kids tees are 99 cents or somthing like that.”   Reassured, I continued to look for shirts for Ben. I found a few then tracked Shelby down and made it to the checkouts.

Before being rung up, I asked the cashier how much kids tees are.  She did indeed confirm that kids tees are $3.49 and adult tees are $1.49 !!!!!!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!?!?!?!?!?  She offered no explanation and turned to talk to another customer.  That’s when I heard a voice behind me say “Miss, I can take you over here.”  I moved to the other register and the lady there told me that “These are ADULT tee shirts and they are $1.49 each.”  (Wink Wink)

This past weekend I was at a different Goodwill Store looking for shirts for myself.  I found 1 blouse (button up shirt with a collar) and 3 tee shirts (no collar, no buttons, tee shirt material).  At the register, the cashier tried to tell me that they are all “Blouses” because they are women’s shirts.  OMG!  Really?  So, once again, I being told that even though they are tee shirts, and ADULT tee shirts this time, they are considered “blouses” and they cost $3.49 each!

So, Goodwill Stores…… WHAT IS GOING ON ??????  Why can’t they get their pricing right and consistent?  In all honesty, for $3.49 I can wait for a sale and get new tee shirts at Walmart.   Are the people that run Goodwill really that far removed from reality that they don’t realize they are pricing items too high?  Don’t they care that the people who shop at their stores do so because they need to?  They are going to price themselves right out of their targeted market!  Doesn’t Goodwill care about actually having good-will towards their customers anymore?

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