Last year my friend Tiffany mentioned to me that she was going to a huge kids consignment sale and she invited me to go with her.  I declined.  Two weeks ago, while we were having coffee, she mentioned that it was time for the JBF sale again (JBF stands for Just Between Friends).  She was telling me how she started selling her stuff at the semi-annual sales that are held here in Orlando.  Although I clean out my kiddos closets on a regular basis, I decided to go through them again and see what I could find just to try it out and see how it works.

The picture below is of the clothing area at our local Orlando area JBF sale (Just Between Friends).  This is JUST THE CLOTHING! I couldn’t even fit it all into the picture!

Here is a picture of the Toy area which was really just FULL of name brand toys that were more than half off!  I could NOT believe the deals that were available! Again, this was not even all of it!  There was a ton of stuff behind me!

So, after spending the last week somewhat immersed in learning all about how the JBF consignment sales work, here is what I learned from my own experience.

  • You probably have all the supplies you need in order to participate.  You need internet access, a printer with some light colored card stock, tape, hangers, safety pins, etc.  There are people who say that they had to go out and spend a lot of money to get their stuff ready but I just cannot see why that would be.  I did go out and buy some shoelaces for a pair of sneakers that I was selling but other than that, really no out of pocket expense to me.
  • The cleaner the items are, the better they will sell!  I took some time to put my items together nicely and tried to package them well.  Also, make sure you have working batteries in battery operated toys, etc.
  • Volunteering pays off!  Here in Orlando, if you volunteer you get a BUNCH of benefits such as:  they waive the $10 consignor fee, you get 70% of your sales instead of 60%, you get to go to the PRE-pre-sale (first dibs on the good stuff!), etc.  Definitely worth my time!
  • You will make more money from your items than you probably would at a garage sale (yes, even after the 30-40% cut that they take)
  • If you see something you want, grab it and buy it now because it probably won’t be there when you go back to look for it!
  • There is a nice area for Mommy and Daddy things to be sold too!
  • There is the risk of theft.  Yep, I said it.  I kept good track of my items and there are four things that did not come home but don’t show up as “sold” in the system.  I have been told that sometimes if an item is manually keyed in instead of being scanned, it won’t show up as “sold” in the system but you will be paid for it if it did sell.  They have you sign a waiver before you drop your stuff off so if you have issues with this, READ the darn thing before you sign it 😉
  • Know your prices!  This goes for items you are selling and also items you are looking to buy.  As my Mother would say, “Price it to sell it or price it to keep it!”  Be aware of the value of the items you are selling!  Ben went with me to the half-off sale they have on the last day and he got a Nerf Big Bow with some of his money.  He paid $2.50.  I looked on Ebay when I got home and the darn thing is worth $30 used on Ebay!  ACK!  I priced my items along the lines of what they would actually sell for on Ebay (or cheaper, depending on the item)
  • Even if you don’t have clothes, if you have other kids stuff to sell, go for it!  I had NO clothing whatsoever to sell! I did have two pairs of nice sneakers for sale, but no clothing, and I made some money.

You can click over to the JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS jbf website HERE to see what it’s all about and get more details on a sale near you (they are Nationwide!)

Overall, I had a VERY good experience with my first Just Between Friends sale and I will definitely be participating in the JBF sales in the future!  As a matter of fact, I have already started a box of goodies to take to the next sale! Thanks Tiffany!

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