As far as leftover turkey recipes  go, I am not much for using it in soups and other dishes.  I personally think that turkey is best left roasted and that’s that.  I really only cook turkey two or three times a year.  Even so, I LOVE a good leftover turkey sandwich.  Over the years, I have developed my “recipe” for the perfect turkey sandwich.  Today, I share it with you!

For this sandwich, you must use fresh, soft bread.  I use Nature’s Own Butterbread. Make sure that you take the turkey meat and warm it up (I just microwave it for a few minutes).  I put mayo on both slices of bread and then, this is the key, sprinkle some salt on the mayo (and sometimes I use pepper too).  Before I put the turkey on the bread, I “shred” it with my hands so that there aren’t chunks of turkey on the sandwich.  I make sure to evenly place the turkey on the mayo coated bread slices because getting a mouthful of bread and mayo is just yuck!  Gotta have turkey in every bite of sandwich!  Finally, put the pieces of bread together and you are ready to chow down!

I know that it seems simple, and it is. I have found, over the years, that there are some people who really don’t know how to make a good leftover sandwich and they usually ask me to make one for them because of my little tricks that make it perfect!  Now you can be a leftover turkey sandwich pro too!

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