Legitimate Work From Home Jobs #43

Everyone has a talents, hobbies and interests.  You can tell when you are really into something when you lose all track of time while pursuing these interests.  When it almost borders on an obsession, then you start to think, “I wish someone would pay me to do this!”  Guess what?  You probably CAN get paid to do that!

Over at Hundoville.com, just about anything is possible!  You can sell your ebook, offer a video course in whatever your passionate about, Tweet to your followers or post on Facebook for all your friends to see. What about designing a website or translating some documents?  Writing personalized jokes or maybe even creating a door handle for someone (seriously, there is an offer for door knob creation – don’t believe me?  Check it out HERE) .  All those things are currently being offered on Hundoville where you offer your services or items or skills for the fee of, you guessed it, $100 per customer!  Check out Hundoville.com  HERE  and see if maybe it sparks an idea of what YOU can offer for $100!
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how to get a free tv

Yes, there it is!  I got this Sceptre X325BV-FHD 32-Inch 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV (Black) for FREE!  I am going to show you how to get a free tv too!  You can do this!  I am not even going to charge you ~ LOL!

All I did was this:  I signed up for Swagbucks.com .  Then I used Swagbucks to earn points and I turned those into Amazon gift cards which I used to buy this TV!  No cash out of my pocket!  Of course, I also made sure that I got it at a sale price (saved $30) and with free shipping (saved another $15) and because I ordered from Amazon and I live in Florida, I did not have to pay sales tax (saved $13)!

I have been using Swagbucks.com for two years now and have never had a problem at all with their site or the gift cards I earn.  I know a lot of people wonder if these type of sites are legitimate or worth it and I can safely say that Swagbucks is TOTALLY LEGITIMATE AND WORTH IT!

Swagbucks does offer gift cards to other stores and restaurants and they even offer Paypal cash!  I just happen to prefer Amazon gift cards.  If you would like to sign up for Swagbucks for FREE and earn some giftcards of your own or get a free flatscreen tv of your own (or an Ipad, or whatever your heart desires), just click on the banner below and start earning!
Search & Win

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I know there have been a lot of scams out there regarding taking paid surveys to make extra cash, but I wanted to give my readers a heads up on a simple and FREE way to get into a group that you probably don’t even know about! This one piece of information can lead to a legitimate money maker for you!

Most of the time when you go to a store or restaurant and purchase something, there is a website or phone number listed on the back of the receipt so that you can go there and take a survey.  Lots of people throw those away thinking they are worthless.  DON’T DO IT!  Take all those receipts and take the surveys!

You may be wondering why waste your time, right?  There are two reasons:

  • You may actually win the prize or free item they are offering you to take the survey
  • You may qualify to be on their “consumer panel”

Being selected for a consumer panel is an ONGOING opportunity for you to take paid surveys!  I kept taking every single one of my receipt surveys for a large chain store and they finally invited me to be on their consumer panel.  I have to spend about 1/2 hour of my time per month telling them what I think of promotions, giving them new ideas and suggestions, etc. and in exchange they give me a $15 gift card to their store every month! This is a win-win situation!

Since getting on this one panel, I have been invited to two others.  While this is not big money, it is a nice little money maker to buy yourself something with or to use for necessities or do what I do and save them to buy Christmas gifts.  Those small amounts of extra cash really add up!


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Earning money from home is a very popular topic.  Usually if you do a search online with this phrase it will pull up all kinds of garbage and scams and very few legitimate links.

Being a stay at home mom with a limited income, I am always looking for new ways to earn a little extra cash.  I thought I’d just take a few moments and share some of the things I do.

I sell my used books, cd’s, dvd’s and video games on www.half.com   It is SO much easier than selling on ebay (even though ebay does own half.com).  If you have an ebay account then you have a half account (it is the same info).  Also, they provide a shipping allowance and they pay out twice a month.

I do online surveys.   I am trying to get in the swing of this online survey thing.  Right now I am actively using swagbucks and inboxdollars and plan on earning some gift certificates for Christmas time. 

Sometimes I sell miscellaneous things on craigslist.  Usually that is where I sell bigger items that people need to come pick up (like the treadmill I sold). 

Occasionally I will sell things for third parties.  If someone has things they want to get rid of but don’t have the time to sell them then I will do the listings and I get a percentage of the profit.

Mail in rebates are a good way to get some free stuff and sometimes extra cash.  If a product is on sale for $6 and you use a $2 coupon and then get a rebate for the full $6 you have made $2.

I save all my change in a change jar and every once in a while I cash it in for bills at my bank.  This is an easy way to save up some extra cash. Those pennies and nickles add up!

Again, these are not HUGE ways to make money, but they are simple little things you can do to get a little extra cash.

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