Today I had an interesting experience and the chance to teach Ben a little more about right from wrong.  Ben is Autistic and has a hard time dealing with social issues so any time I get the chance, I try to explain in detail what happened, why it happened, and why I am responding the way I am.  Anything I can do to make Right From Wrong clearer for him helps a lot in the long run.

This afternoon we went to the McDonald’s drive thru.  I ordered a few things off the dollar menu and our total came to $6.36.  We pulled up and I handed the cashier a $20 bill.  He gave me my change.  I pulled up again and got our food, checked the food in the bag to make sure we had everything and headed home.

Once we got home and ate, I dug into my purse to get the change out and put it in my wallet.  After unfolding the money I realized that the cashier had given me an extra $5.  He gave me $18 change instead of $13 change.  I have been a cashier many times and I know that if the drawer shows up short, you get in a lot of trouble.  I felt horrible for the guy!  Thankfully the McDonald’s was only 5 minutes up the road and we still had to get Shelby from band practice.

We left the house a few minutes early so we could go by the McDonald’s first.  I explained to Ben that the cashier gave us too much money back and it is not right to keep money that is not yours.  I further explained that the cashier could get in trouble because he would not have all the money in his drawer that he is supposed to have. He would be missing money!

Once we got to the McDonald’s, we went inside and asked to speak to the manager.  I showed him my receipt and explained what had happened and what our cashier looked like. He knew right away which employee it was.  Both he and the cashier and all the other employees were thankful but also in shock that I brought the money back.  Apparently this is just not that common anymore.  Honesty is not common?  How sad is that? I understand if you find $5 in an empty parking lot on the ground and there is no one around but to KNOW that you got money back that isn’t yours and just keep it?   Something just isn’t right with that!

By the way, Ben loved the fact that we helped that cashier out by being honest.  He learned a little about telling right from wrong  and he was thrilled to be a part of that.  It’s helping him understand the kind of man I want him to grow up to be (even if he isn’t aware of it yet).

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Today, logging onto Yahoo I saw several disturbing stories and it leaves me wondering, in these difficult times for millions of people WHY are there so many selfish and greedy people ?!?!?!?!?

In one article, Tiger Wood’s ex buys and DESTROYS a $12 million dollar home because she didn’t like it.  Okay …… WHAT ?!?!?!?  What a total waste of money and resources.  Yes, it’s her money (okay that’s sort of debatable, but legally it is hers) and her house to do with it whatever she wishes, but how painful to see the selfishness that reverberates from her actions.  Not to mention the very bad publicity I bet this is creating.  Her publicist should insist on a raise for this stunt.  You can view the article at:

Then, later today, I log back on only to see that Priscilla of Boston, a designer bridal gown store that was going out of business, chose to DESTROY many of the gowns left after their stores closed!  The employees spray painted the gowns with pink paint and threw them away instead of donating them to a worthy cause!  How sad!  What a waste!  You can see that article here: 

I just don’t get it……….. Why is is better to destroy useful things (EXPENSIVE useful things) rather than find someone who can use them?

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