I am telling you !  “Two Broke Girls” is probably the best CBS show that no one I know is watching except me!  It is on Monday nights  and I love it!

When the show first aired I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not because I don’t usually sympathize with characters like Caroline (former socialite and well to do but daddy is now in prison and has lost everything * played by Beth Behrs).  But OMG  she is just so sweet and eternally optimistic that you have to like her!  Max (played by Kat Dennings) is like me, sarcastic but deep down she really cares .

The plot is great and I think that a lot of people can really relate to what the girls (the grrrrs) are going thru right now.  They are underemployed and Max is too scared to take a chance but fortunately Caroline pushes her forward!  $7 cupcakes anyone?

The girls are trying to save up on their meager earnings to open their own cupcake store.  Per Caroline, it only takes $250,000.  Um yeah.  ONLY!  At the end of each show is my favorite moment, when the running total is shown of how much the girls have saved so far.  It is updated at the end of each show and shows the viewers if the girls lost or gained money this week.

The supporting male cast is really just incredible!  They play their parts to the hilt!  Trust me, once you watch the show, you will realize that you already know these guys because you have guys like this in your life right now!

I think that this show really hits home for me because of the realities that it references.  The grrrrs shop at “The Will”  (Goodwill).  They share a too-small apartment.  They consider a gourmet coffee an extravagance.  They are excited with small victories and show real emotions.  It’s not an all’s well that ends well kind of show. If you have ever wished that you had enough money for butter to put in your generic mac & cheese because all you could afford to make it with was water, this show is for you!

All of that said, it gives me hope.  It gives me something to look forward to each Monday night.  There is nothing not to like about this show!  I feel like I am one of the grrrrs!

Thank you Whitney Cummings and Michael Patrick King for making my tv schedule  richer with Two Broke Girls!




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