The wishlist is a very important part of my family life.  With four children of my own and my first grandchild on the way, holidays and birthdays tend to always function on wish list overload.  Right now there are so many toy catalogs and flyers out and about and Ben seems to find them all!  That sometimes makes it difficult to decide what to purchase when the “i wants” are changing on a daily, if not hourly basis.

I am an active list maker.  I find myself writing down gift ideas all year long.  This includes writing down things that I want.  Of course, most of the things I want are books, movies or cd’s.  Here is how I handle and organize all that information into a FREE and easy to use format that allows me to get the most for my money, no matter who I am buying something for.

  • Family members make their wish lists for birthdays and holidays and we make sure that everyone gets a copy of all the lists (email, facebook, website posting, text, phone call, whatever)
  • I tend to research gift ideas on my childrens wish lists in advance of when I actually am going to purchase them.  This is so I know what the regular price of the larger items are and so that I am able to recognize a good sale when I see it!
  • I go over to and log into my Amazon account.  I keep a wish list over there that I am constantly adding and deleting items from.
  • I will add the larger items to my wishlist so that I can easily look at the wish list and see what all the current prices are with one click of a button.
  • In the case of books, cd’s, movies and video games:  I use a wishlist over at     If you have never been on  let me give you a brief intro. is owned by Ebay so if you have an Ebay account, you use the same info to log into  Over at you are able to get dvd’s, cd’s, video games, books, and even vhs tapes for as little as 75 cents each (plus shipping)! is the FIRST site I visit if I am shopping for any of these types of items.
  • Once it is close enough to the actual holiday or birthday I check my online wishlists again to see how the prices are and plan my buying strategy, make my purchases and have them sent to the house. This really eliminates SOOOOO much hassle and overspending and I usually have money left over!
  • If I am just looking for some books or things I want for myself (no holiday or anything) I will pull up my wish list and then look to see which of those books my library has.  Then I place them on hold at the library and delete them from the wishlist.  That way I can read them for free! If the library doesn’t carry the book that I am looking for then I will compare prices on and to see which one is the best price.
  • POINT OF INTEREST:  I also tend to sell books, cds, dvds, video games, etc that we are done with on  it works a little bit different from Ebay but I actually like it better!  There are no “listing fees”.  They just take a commission off the item when it sells.  They also have a set shipping amount that you get credit for, etc.

Hopefully the wish list tips I have shared will allow you to get organized and get more for your money this holiday season!

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I LOVE lists!  They keep me on track, productive and organized.  They also make gift giving easier for me.  Whenever someone I am close to mentions items they would like to have I make a note of it.  That way when a birthday or holiday rolls around, I already have a list of gift ideas.  The great thing about doing this is that often times the recipient has long forgotten about the item they were admiring.  The gift becomes a wonderful surprise followed by “How did you know?”  because they often forget ever having mentioned that they liked the item!  I also keep a list like this for myself on the fridge so when someone asks me what I would like for my birthday, etc.  I don’t have to say “I don’t know”.  I just tell them a few ideas off my list.

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I have been wanting to get an Ipad ever since they came out.  Unfortunately they have always been out of my price range.  This past weekend I saw an ad for a large discount store that had a tablet computer, similar to the Ipad, on sale for $89.  I got excited because I figured that with all the “little bits” of money I had saved, I probably had enough.  Here is where those “little bits” came from:

$10 in my wallet left over from last week + $40 in birthday money + $10 in rebate checks that came in + $10 I won after on a scratch off ticket I got for my birthday + $27  for some items we sold on = a PAID IN FULL  android tablet computer/reader !

I just wanted to post this to encourage people and let them know that all the little bits here and there can add up!  Oh, and I didn’t get the tablet computer from the store.  They were all sold out.  I ended up ordering a better one online for the same price!

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