Legitimate Work From Home Jobs # 26

Everyone has a talent, right?  What if people would pay to learn the talents that you have and can teach them?

It never ceases to amaze me that things that come so easily to one person can be so difficult to another person.  For instance, each week I spend (at most) $50 for food and household supplies for the week.  That is for three people!  That number includes toilet paper, cat litter, all of our food, etc.  When people hear this, they look at me and always ask “HOW do you do that?” This is so odd to me!  It comes easily to me and I don’t struggle with feeding my little family or making sure we have what we need.  I often wonder how people spend $100 a week!  That astounds me!  WHAT on earth are they buying?!?!?!?!?

Anyhow, the idea is that everyone has some sort of skill that others would possibly pay to learn.  That is what the site Limu is all about.  It is a website that lets you offer live courses to teach what you know to people who are willing to pay to learn!

You can read about Limu and how it works by clicking here.
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